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(Company Number 10448154)

Stroma Number STRI15972

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Serving North London, Herts, Bucks and Essex


Avoiding problems

Things do always go to plan or what you get is not what you expected. We want to leave you happy with our work and feel you have been treated with respect and received value for money.

If you have any problems with our work then 

  1. Call or email us as soon as you are aware of a problem

  2. If you know how you would like it solved then let us know

  3. Your problem will be added to our complaints log

  4. We will respond with a solution within 24 hours

  5. If you accept our solution we can then get the problem fixed

  6. If we cannot agree then we may us a third party (Stroma Certification) to help resolve the issue 

Keeping Everyone Safe

We realise our workplace is actually your home. We work to keep you, your family and your pets safe.  


We do this by telling you

  • what we will be doing in your home

  • how we will be doing it

  • what if any hazards you need to be aware of

  • any disruption it may cause (like having to turn off the power)


We keep you safe by

  • being tidy as we work

  • removing all rubbish at the end of each working session

  • placing warning notices when required


When we are finished we will leave you with

  • all information you need to operate anything we install

  • any instructions booklets

  • how to get in touch with us

We have our own Health and Safety policy if you would like to read it.